Gifts for the Gardener

Here is a curated list of gifting possibilities for you or a permaculture gardener you love.

11/17/20235 min read

Gifts for the Gardener


This article may contain some affiliate links and certainly includes links to our own products and programs. The small or big commission we receive if you choose to purchase goes towards making most of our gardening education available for free! We do not affiliate for anything we do not personally use. Thanks so much for your support!

A video outlining our gifts for the gardener below.

Gifts for the Gardener


This 2023 Christmas / Holiday Season we're bringing you some meaningful gift options for you or your favorite gardener. One of the best things about these is that they are all zero-waste! Food your family, feed your soul, and steward the planet.

  1. Seed Sampler Subscription

  2. Plan your 2024 Food Garden Without the Stress

  3. Grow-it-Yourself /GIY Program

  4. Grow-it-Yourself / GIY Core Course

  5. Evergreen Wreath

1. Seed Sampler Subscription

These seeds are curated to your climate and sent at the time you should plant them. All packaging is compostable.

The right seeds, at the right time

When you give someone seeds, you give them more than just seeds.

You give them the HOPE that these seeds will grow to full maturity.
Your TRUST that your loved one has the ability to nurture these seeds to life.
And JOY in giving them food to enjoy at a later time.

When you are not with them, the seeds and food from the seeds will stand in for you. And the bond that this creates is deep, lasting, and beautiful.

Seeds are also "food for meditation." Contemplate the seed and you enter into the mystery of creation and the eye for detail of a Creator who made himself small, humble, and stealthy like a seed so that we may be saved.

The Seed Sampler Subscription consists of monthly curated seed packets shipped to you so you never have to wonder what you should be planting in your climate at a certain time of year!

Avoid seed panic buying and rest in the thought that these are non-GMO, heirloom, or certified organic seeds that we know will do well where you grow.

A guided in-person & livestreamed workshop

Garden planning done easy

Overwhelmed by the thought of growing your food?
Not sure where to begin?
Tired of having to "wing it" every growing season?

This 2024, we're here to help you: "Plan Your 2024 Food Garden Without the Stress!

This can also be a family gift. In certain farming societies, each family member has a role to play in food production. The grandparents are seed savers and planners. The children are seed starters and harvesters. The strapping youth are compost turners and haulers of heavy things. The mothers process and preserve the harvest.

So family rates are available. Give the gift of a family workshop!

Workbook+ Lunch (in-person) included!

2. Plan your 2024 Food Garden (without the stress)
Live Workshop

The Grow-It-Yourself / GIY Program

We guide and hold you accountable for growing your food.

Finally, make your organic food garden a reality with the Grow-It-Yourself (GIY) Program.

GIY is a 12-month, guided mentorship and membership program to help you design and create your own organic garden with personalized feedback and community support.

Think of this as a streamlined and strategic approach to producing homegrown food.

A garden designer will not check in on you every month to rejoice in your garden's progress. But we will.

If you:

  • Have space to grow in (even a tiny one)

  • Have a yearning to grow your own food and do it abundantly

  • Want to grow organically and in harmony with nature, the way God designed it.

  • Need of a garden mentor who has been in your shoes and can save you from newbie gardener pitfalls?

  • Want to teach your children where their food comes from

  • Want to heal the planet and your body

  • Want the assurance of knowing you can grow food no matter where you live, even if the groceries shut down

  • Want the most local and nutrient-dense food that money can't buy

Then GIY is for you!

3. GIY Program

An online, self-paced course.

A garden course, there for you when you need it

4. GIY Core Course

Give your family the most nutrient-dense, local food that money can't buy

Learn how to grow your food at home successfully!

No time for a full-on garden program?

Look no further. The GIY Core course is a self-paced, complete A-Z course on growing your at-home garden in a sustainable, organic way.

Wreaths make elegant, natural additions to our holiday home decor.

DIY Decor

Make your own holiday wreath by following these simple steps:

  • Pruning sheers (or sharp scissors)

  • Long, bendable, evergreen twigs (no leaves, just wood) that you can bend into a round shape

  • Branches of evergreen (spruce, juniper, cypress, cedar, fir or pine)

  • Holly (Ilex) leaves and berries or Nandina bamboo with berries or Florida yew

  • Cones from evergreen trees

  • Floral wire (best choice) or twine

1. Form the frame.
2. Tuck in the greens.
3. Accent your wreath.
4. Make it your own.

Bend the twigs into a sturdy circle frame for your greens. Use wire or twine to fasten twigs together.

Cover the wooden frame with overlapping green branches. I try to use just one type of green to form my wreath base. Try to hide the wire or twine wherever used for fastening.

Fasten the accents of color or cones to your wreath to give it a focal point.

A wreath should be personal! Feel free to decorate just the wooden base or use elements that are more meaningful to you. Most of all enjoy the process!

5. Evergreen Wreath


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