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Not only is this app going to be crowdfunded upon release, but even the development of this app is crowdsourced!

We want this to be a truly useful, user-friendly, and collaborative garden tool just as permaculture should be!

So THANK YOU! You're going to be doing something not many people can say they've done, build a garden app with a community!



Start here to get an overview of SAGE and some quick-start videos to get you planning your garden using SAGE.

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Join the next SAGE workshop so you can plan and design your garden with ease.
Wednesday Jan 24, 2024 at
9 AM PT • 10 AM MT • 11 AM CT • 12 PM ET

In permaculture, we call a grouping of beneficial/symbiotic plants a "permaculture guild." Learn more about that ​in this blog.​

Join Dave and learn how to break down "Guild Building" using SAGE.

In this one hour, we will: - Take 30 minutes to walk through how SAGE helps you build a permaculture guild.

- Take 15 minutes to brainstorm a guild with a buddy and create one guild around a "star player" that you can share with the rest of the GIY Members! Please RSVP so we can match you up with a buddy beforehand.

Build-A-Guild with SAGE

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